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EXCELLENT people, EXCELLENT place!  My son just had his 3rd birthday party here on Sat., April 4th.  From beginning to end (the process in reviewing the location (talking to Sensei Mirko, reserving the  location, having it set up for the party, the easy going and flexible approach and communications with Sensei Mirko was ABSOLUTELY smooth.  Our experience was so great and so smooth, that I made a note to myself that I would recommend this place for a child's birthday party on the various children's activity websites for the Bay Area.  I did so much research on venues and was lucky enough to find the posting for Zanshin on gocitykids.  I had my son's birthday at The Habitot Museum in Berkeley last year and it was great, but I believe I will be holding a few more of my son's future birthdays here at the Zanshin Martial Arts Center.  We even paid for an additional class for the adults during the party since so many of our guests were really interested in the idea.  My best friend drove from Los Angeles to attend the birthday party and she did not have much time to rest, but had a grand time and also enjoyed the adult class.  The children ABSOLUTELY loved the overall experience and the parents even noted that they were also looking forward to holding birthday parties here as well.  I'm so relieved that everything turned out even better than I had hoped and it really was because Sensei Mirko and our 2nd teacher, Sensei Alex were just incredible, very helpful, and knew what they were doing.  The inflatable jumpers were great too!  They had a good mix of different levels for the varying age groups and the kids loved those.  A few guests even thought that I separately rented the jumpers because there were so many and a good number of games out on the floor.  The place is HUGE and offers a great mix for both adults and children.
Parents- do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on a cheesy bday party that despite all your efforts, time, and money, unfortunately, becomes unimaginative and is essentially the same party that everyone else in your kid's class has thrown.  The teachers at Zanshin regularly teach children's classes and also hold children's birthday parties and highlight the understanding that the arts are intended for protecting oneself.  We enjoyed our time so much so that I'll be taking self defense classes and my son will also take his martial arts classes here at Zanshin Martial Arts Center.  My husband was skeptical in the beginning and as we were leaving ended up telling our guests that he was blown away and was going to apologize to me for initially laughing at and doubting my idea.  Now, I'm going to take classes here and use them on my jackass husband.  =)
Jossette Thomson
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